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Shine: Poetry Reflecting on God and Life

Poetry Reflecting on God and Life

Shine, the first book of my poetry anthology series Seasons, presents poetry that give a glimpse into the mind and heart of a teenage boy struggling with spiritual, relational, and emotional growing pains. Written during a tumultuous period in my early teenage years, the poems show the highs and lows of life but also where I was refocused and regrounded during those times. Some of the poems are pure worship and praise to God, some are inquiring of Him about life and sin and His love. Some are about family and friends and the nature of relationships. And some are about God's creation and the future. There is even a poem from my sci/fantasy series "Tales of Amaranthia and Other Fantastical Realms".

Whether you are a believer in God or not, there is something for everyone. My hope and prayer is that the words spur you onwards and upwards in enjoyment and acknowledgement for life, praise to and conversation with God, love for those around you, or appreciation for creation... or all of the above.

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