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Ad astra per aspera

I: The Astronaut Sonnet

       The airlock opens with a muffled hiss.

You slide down the visor ̶ “Grab the lifeline.”

You hate this part, always, but you shine.

       You oft’ mute Command in your ear, float list-

        Less ̶ You never look side to side. Fear’s death kiss

Still wet on your cheek: Really, I am fine…

You lie. How’d you make it up Life’s incline?

                     Always you must push off ̶ never miss.

Stare off into space, at countless goldstars.

                  “Watch your levels!” Muted, you did not hear…

Eyes blissed by the stark darkness ̶ near not far.

               Each brief breath costs you; each slight movement: …years.

Focus on the basics! You’re seeing stars…

                   scars? You hear: “Levels’r good but kill fear.”

Written in the form of a Petrarchan sonnet, which utilizes 14 lines with 10 beats per line and a general rhyme scheme of ABBAABBA CDCDCD where the last six lines can various in scheme.

II: Regain bearing

Fear? Yes, that you heard.

You’ve read the Manual, every word.

But you stare into the darkness

And it stares back.

Unblinking eyes of creatures countless

To you seem to attack.

Not from out there

But somewhere near…

You grip the lifeline.

Tap your arm screen.

But are my levels good?

I must always do what I should.

Can’t believe what you have seen.

Breath is in lack

But beauty serene.

You can’t help but float on invisible seas.

But you have tasks,

Those goals you have

and jobs you must do.

“You must find you orientation”

Command in your ear, diligence due.

You have confidence

-Even on the fence-

Each breath lessens your indifference

And increases your reverence

For the universe on display

And at play are so many lights

Unimaginable in scale and size.

Wonders upcoming in life.

But… listen to Command

To your great end

But first open your hand

And take a stand

Whenever you release the airlock.

Snap out of mind or heart block…

Dreams in a place of no days or nights

Only infinite lows and heights.

Your body knows what is right

Even if it tends to pull

Away and rightness cull

And your mind is empty

But your heart is full.

Remember your sanity

And the words implanted within

Practiced daily

So you don’t wildly spin.

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