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Coram Deo - Seven Scenes

This poem is a part of a seven part poem that is present in my first book, Shine, now available for purchase! If you enjoyed it and want to read the remaining parts and other poems in Shine, click here, to see where you can purchase.


Where for art thou son?

Don’t you with joy come to meet

Me, run to Me when you see Me from afar?

I miss thee here, what absents thee, or what chance detains?

…Come forth!

I heard Thee and of Thy voice

Afraid, being naked, having sinned, hid myself…

My voice thou oft hast heard, and hast not fear’d,

But still rejoiced, how is it now become so dreadful to thee?[1]

Don’t you know, my son, you have Me

And need not be ashamed?

For your sins I have swept away?

Nowhere can you hide from my all-seeing Eye,

Nowhere can you run where I can’t run, so why try?

Why hide from the Revealer of things that lie

In the darkness? [2]

Glory, Honor, and Holiness incarnate, my sins are always

Before me[3].

They are always calling

And I am always there.

Lord, I know that You have taken my sins and cast them away[4],

But Sovereign King, I hatethat I do them anyway.

I am disgusted and appalled just as You are

By them. my Liege, You alone know my inner-most

Thoughts and desires. Search me!

If in me You see anything unworthy or detestable,

Purge it and may the remains cease to exist!

I will use you as I’ve used others.

Not everyone I have hand-picked was good and just.

Think. I have picked men who have had much anger, fear, or lust.

I have had those who’ve killed, not because they must

But because they wanted[5].

I look at all sin equally, with utter disgust.

So, you are not unlike others that have in Me, put their trust.

Comforter, I thank You, and in You I put my life.

I thank You for all the wonderful things You’ve done.

I thank You for my family and friends.

I thank You, O Provider of my needs, for everything You’ve ever given me.

I thank You for Your persistent grace and for Your love

-How they never grow tired,

And are pure like the white of a dove.

I thank You for the eternity I know I will spend with You,

Forever and ever, worshipping in utter absence of anything untrue.


1. Lines 1-7 are inspired from John Milton’s Paradise Lost, Lines 103, 116-117, 119-120 Book X inspired from Genesis 3:8-11

2. Dan. 2:22

3. Ps. 51.3

4. Ps. 103:12

5. Ex. 2-15, 2 Sam. 11:14-17; 12:9-14

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