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Why didn’t I shoot as far?

High but still under stars

Stars…embers of others who flew?

Scars…etchings of decisions I once knew?

Breath short as I don’t know where

Strength short as I fly forth bare

Mind cloudy as is the air

Worry’s lies begin to shroud, impair

The Why’s flap around me and never cease!

Their cries cracking the air for release;

around me is murder.

Crows of Concern, my greatest predators

Scavengers in my wake and way

Ravagers of my mistakes and forays!

Foragers of all my fruit and seeds

The good taken with such speed!

The Crows of this vista have always been alive

Pecking at me chained up, ready to die

Heckling me with levity

Following me like the foam at sea

My strength is not enough to fly above

-Past them, over them, O but perhaps to kill them, drink their blood!

A murderer of a murder, teeth barred, talons set

I’m done with their banter, slash at the black, no regrets

Time to paint this blue sky red,

Time to make this sky rain down death

Sate my hate with my black friends

Finally punishing, tearing, ripping, clawing, rending end from end!

Their feathers and flesh like soot and hail fall

My aim to maim and crush their skulls and calls

Those caws that have plagued me all this time

Now it is my time to rampage and then with strength, Rise.

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