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On the Beach in Busan

Footprints follow this new family

                                                              Formed fastidiously.

Whooshing winds and weaving waves white

Crash and crescendo on bulwark blackened boulders

Weeping vivid green seaweed.

                                                     O brave Yeobo, how we made this trip!

                                                     O beautiful Yeobo, we made this trip

To your land, the land of your people.

Breathe in the air of Busan, the salty air of the beach of Busan.

Strewn shells just now flung; we pick up

                                first touched by human hands

                                now only our hands, such are the hands of sah-rahng.

                                The shore sands seep into my shoes

Now quickly thrown off

We pick up dazzling shells from this unforeign shore.

This unforeign shore that rushes through your pores

Breathed in and out of mine now too

                                                O bountiful Yeobo, about this trip, who knew?

We watch hal-muh-ni-deul  forage through emerald gyim

Aged knees deep in the sifting surge

But no waves wash upon them

                                                             For they are protected by the Rock.

                                              O blessed Yeobo, how we made this trip!

Hands laced like gyim hanging and tangled

                                                           When pulled.

The eyes of your parents sparkle yonder

                                                           As our lives are laced together.

But I speak infant hahn-guel

                                            O bright Yeobo, how I made this trip!

Your Agi can barely understand your tongue;

Yet sah-rahng lies laced at the base of our young boulder.

Agi indeed I am, steal a smile from appa

Receive the gentlest caress from umma

As we stare off at the diamond swords

Slicing the vibrant, distant sky

Three monoliths of Busan

                                           O brilliant Yeobo, what a trip!

Bellies full of stew and gyim, and eyes full of beauty.

A trip, a celebration of what we have gained

Unforeign shores we now gaze upon

                      Families now mixed together like budae-jjigae

Spicy and exuberant, challenging and bracing

                    O Bride Yeobo, Agi Soh-nyawh, let us always make this trip!

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