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Poems in style of the Southern Israelite writer Eve Epstein

These poems were writing as part of the final project for my graduate school class Introduction to Professional Writing. The final project was a mix of archival and primary research and a creative portion related to the topic of the project. The poems were attached to a faux “letter to the editor” that was directed to an Atlanta area Jewish publication called The Southern Israelite which was circulating under that name until 1987 until it became the Atlanta Jewish Times. These poems were part the “creative” portion of the final project and the poems were written in a style similar to a frequent contributor in the Israelite, Evelyn (or Eve) Epstein.

I - L’Dor V’Dor – From Generation to Generation

Be fruitful and multiply ̶ our God implores,

Blesses us ̶ a full quiver of arrows stored;

Life’s joys & challenges ̶ but the good is much more!

Our people from barren women spawned;

Recorded miracles ̶ God’s will from then and here on.

Miracles ̶ we all are ̶ that’s the natural phenomenon.

Like Isaac prayed, let wombs be open

To fulfill God’s sovereign word holy spoken;

̶ I touch His tallis’ hem.

II - Pesach - Passover

Our Father in Heaven, we give You praise

̶ humbly with gratitude ̶

In every one of our days,

We shout aloud: “Dayenu!”

For You could have left us

̶ dirty and enslaved ̶

Under heel of those made from dust

By Your strong arm, we were saved.

Each year You tell us to recount

̶ recline and resting ̶

The awesome account,

Of how You brought us through testing

You are awesome in power,

̶ working Your wonders ̶

Who is like You our Strong Tower;

Something we never had to ponder.

On this Pesach, we remember

̶ flip the pages of the Haggadah ̶

Taste the sweet and the bitter,

With this next generation shout: “Hallelujah!”

III – M’shiach - Messiah

We look up from Sheol

For He that will save us all.

It is written,

On earth and in high heaven;

That He who took up our pain;

That He who was afflicted and maimed;

As Prophet Isaiah says on Him all iniquity was laid

Our debts were paid.

He is coming to establish His kingdom

Wipe us white from red transgressions

Be born the Son of David and in Bethlehem

The punishment that brought us peace was on Him.

To be oppressed then killed

For many prophecies He fulfills.

The Word of Elohim never comes back void,

And in Him we have abundant life and joy.


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