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The Grandfather Clock

Mom used to wind it when the bars hung low

-insisted on having it in all our homes.

It tolls every hour, at every temporal change

has marked every part of our lives, at every stage.

If “home be where heart is” than ours ticked

but I’ll go further to say that home was It’s pick

and like some wooden giant with three golden teeth

it stood too tall, watching the bright and bleak

and It darkened three hallways in three homes

and no one ever thought much of Its timeless moans…

…except the little girl who saw it year after year

to her that Grandfather was cheating her with a mournful jeer

she saw that moon wax and wane

and soon she could reach where the hidden key was lain

and she herself tried to set that Clock back

but soon realized that he had a knack…

So to her the past was lost time

and had the Clock burned in her thigh for It’s crime

What she doesn’t know was Grandfather wasn’t wrong

even Grandfather’s chains aren’t that long

Home didn’t change after every wind

but just as Grandfather has, it’s something we all find.

The girl once thought destroy what destroys you

but to her greatest rival, there’s nothing she could do.

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